Russia pulls up reserves to Bakhmut, likely to increase pressure from three sides – Zhdanov


Russia pulls up reserves to Bakhmut, likely to increase pressure from three sides - Zhdanov

Heavy fighting continues in the north of Bakhmut. On the east coast, the situation is critical.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this on his YouTube channel. Channel 24 reports. The occupying troops are trying to push the Ukrainian defense forces to the western bank of the Bakhmutka River.

Zhdanov reported that in the south of Bakhmut the enemy was restoring positions in places, losing in places. The Russians had weak attempts to attack Zheleznyanskoye and Dubovo-Vasilovka, they did not succeed.

The Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the civilian infrastructure of the city of Konstantinovka. The situation in the Avdiivka and Shakhtyorsk directions is difficult, but stable, and the enemy attacks on Vuhledar continue to be repelled. In the area of Poprosnoye, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold back the enemy.

The enemy continues to attack

It was reported that in order to complicate the movement of the enemy, changes were made to the geography of the area. Zhdanov suggested that they were talking about blowing up a dam north of Bakhmut.

Most likely, from Monday or from the middle of the week, pressure on Bakhmut will be increased from three sides. We are witnessing the pulling up of reserves from Russia, – the military expert added.

In many areas in Bakhmut, enemy artillery became more active. She is trying to somehow support the failed offensive operation. For Russia, there is no such thing as a “failure of the operation”, they stupidly continue to attack Ukrainian positions, despite the losses and the situation at the front, Zhdanov stressed.

Zhdanov on the situation on the eastern front: watch the video

Fighting in eastern Ukraine: the latest

  • Ukrainian border guards destroyed an enemy assault group near Bakhmut. It is known about the elimination of 9 occupiers and 5 wounded.
  • In an interview with Western media, Aleksey Reznikov said that only near Bakhmut, Russian invaders lose 500 soldiers every day.
  • In the Svatovsky direction, after the recent unsuccessful attack by the occupiers with the support of heavy equipment, it is also more or less calm. At Novoselovsky, the enemy also decided to attack with heavy equipment, but something did not go according to plan.

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