Russia reacts to missile attack on airport in Yemen

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Russia reacts to missile attack on airport in Yemen

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed condolences to those killed in the missile attack on the airport in Yemeni Aden and called for a thorough investigation of the attack. This is stated in a message published on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

“We presume that the daring attack on the Aden airport confirms the need for an early comprehensive political settlement of the protracted political and military crisis in Yemen,” Russian diplomats stressed. The Foreign Ministry recalled that a number of terrorist groups operate in the country, including the cells of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State banned in Russia.

Earlier, RIA Novosti learned that at least two employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross were killed as a result of the attack, and two more are missing.

A powerful explosion thundered in the arrivals hall of Aden airport in Yemen at the time of the arrival of the new government. The authorities said that the Ansar Allah Houthi rebels were behind the attack on the airport, but the movement denied the accusations. According to the latest data, 22 people were killed in the attack, 50 more were injured. The officials were not hurt.

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