Russia received an unexpected response from the EU to its blackmail


Russia received an unexpected the EU's response to its blackmail

Europe prepares to strike again at Russia/Getty Images

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Shot in the leg

Gazprom's decision to cut off Bulgaria and Poland:

  • First, reduced its market by 10% percent;
  • secondly, it finally proved its unreliability as a supplier;
  • thirdly, it created the conditions for making a decision on the oil embargo.

The sixth package is on the way

And the Russians also received an unexpected response from the EU to their blackmail. At the extraordinary meeting of energy ministers, the mood was reminiscent of planning a defense operation. No illusions and understanding of the purpose – a common response to blackmail.

Ministers of all EU countries confirmed the need for sanctions.

They confirmed that they would help Poland and Bulgaria – there is no talk of interrupting supplies to consumers and entrepreneurs.

No settlements in rubles

European Commissioner Simpson confirmed her tough position – no settlements in rubles. All reports about this now are a retelling of news from the media. Officially, everyone understands that contracts cannot be violated, because otherwise there will be sanctions.

Europe is getting ready. And there was no such willingness to resist in the energy sector even during the Cold War. And we have not yet begun to plan an offensive operation.

Why Russia historically steals everything Ukrainian – watch the video:

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