Russia resumed the scenario with the landing in Transnistria: an airfield is being repaired in the unrecognized republic


Russia resumed the scenario with the landing in Transnistria: an airfield is being repaired in the unrecognized republic

At the airfield near Tiraspol, work was recorded on the repair and modernization of the airfield. They are carried out in order to make it possible to land aircraft at night.

While Russia is accelerating the destabilization of Moldova, the government in Chisinau is closely monitoring what is happening in the unrecognized Transnistria. The Russian occupation troops can unfreeze the conflict there in order to block the country's pro-European path.

The Russians could attack Odessa from Transnistria

Transnistria is geographically isolated from Russia. The unrecognized republic is located between Moldova and Ukraine. Therefore, at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, there were serious concerns about the possibility of an attack from Transnistria and connection with the Russian army through Odessa. However, this scenario is no longer an inevitable risk.

It is worth noting that in mid-February, when an attempted coup d'état was thwarted in Chisinau, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu confirmed the scenario of Russian aircraft overturning into Chisinau. The Moldovan official said at the time that one of the measures being considered to protect the airport was to destroy or block the runway.

In turn, the president of the analytical center “Experts on security and global issues” Angela Gremada noted that the participation of Pridnestrovie in the war against Ukraine is not beneficial to the separatist leaders, who are aware that they will lose many economic benefits.

Airfield being repaired in Pridnestrovie

Military sources in Chisinau said on condition of anonymity that there are indications that Transnistrian separatists are working to modernize the Tiraspol airport. The upgrade aims to allow aircraft to land at night.

According to Defense Express, most likely the Kremlin simply postponed the landing plan, rather than canceled it. The flight of Russian military transport aircraft to this airfield means the need to overcome more than 40-70 kilometers over the territory of Ukraine.

Even if the planes pass at the lowest possible height over the Dniester estuary, they will land 7-12 kilometers from the border of Ukraine and the territory of Moldova, which is controlled by Chisinau, that is, in the zone of operation of the MLRS and artillery.

The only scenario by which such a plan could be realized is surprise. However, the airspace is under the constant control of the air forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO, including AWACS aircraft. In turn, the Moldovan military can watch directly through binoculars what will happen at the airfield.

Units of the 126th Separate Coastal Defense Brigade and the 810th Separate Marine Corps Brigade of Russia were to take part in the implementation of the previous similar plan of the Kremlin. Both groups have already suffered huge losses in the war in Ukraine. Moreover, it is unlikely that the current level of equipment and training of the invaders allows such an operation to be carried out.

Note! In March last year, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided to expel Russia from the organization and voted unanimously for an amendment providing for the official recognition of Transnistria as a Russian occupation zone.

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