Russia scared Armata tanks: British intelligence spoke about the deplorable state of technology


Russia scared Armata tanks with tanks: British intelligence spoke about the deplorable state of technology< /p>

Earlier, Russia worked on the preparation of T-14 Armata battle tanks. However, they are in very poor condition.

As it became known, the terrorist country was preparing Armata tanks for the first combat deployment in Ukraine. This was reported in British intelligence.

Russian tanks are in a deplorable state

Experts say that in recent months, deployed Russian troops have been reluctant to accept the first tranche of T-14s allocated to them, since these vehicles were in very poor condition.

It is not clear exactly what aspects of the tanks caused such a reaction, but in the past three years, Russian officials have publicly described problems with the engine and thermal imaging systems of the T-14 . – noted in British intelligence.

Tanks T-14 “Armata”: the combat weight of one tank is 46.8 tons. The Russians claim that it can accelerate to 90 kilometers per hour.

Russia is preparing to deploy T-14 Armata battle tanks in Ukraine

On the threshold of the British Ministry of Defense declared that a hostile state could send still “raw” T-14 tanks to the war. This could have disastrous consequences for the invaders.

Some experts say that the T-14 Armata tanks are among the most powerful in the world, but the nuance is that they are not yet officially in service in the “second armies of the world” in sufficient quantity and quality. Possibly, Russia, in the absence of weapons, is considering the possibility of tipping this military equipment to the front.

Experts stressed that the number of units of such military equipment that will be transferred to the front will probably number only a few dozen. And obviously the commanders will not allow the T-14 to be used at full capacity because of the risks.

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