Russia seizes millions of dollars worth of Swiss watches in retaliation for sanctions


Russia has confiscated Swiss watches worth millions of dollars in response to sanctions

Russia has confiscated Swiss watches in a warehouse/Unsplash, illustrative photo

Russian Federal Security Service confiscated Audemars Piguet watches in Moscow worth millions of dollars. So the aggressor country wanted to take revenge on Switzerland for joining the EU sanctions against it.

The occupying power called “customs offenses” the reason for the withdrawal of the watch. This was reported on March 27.

According to the Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, special agents of the FSB confiscated valuable watches from local warehouses.

The Foreign Ministry said they guessed why Russia was doing this. According to Switzerland, this step “most likely was a willful repressive measure in response to the sanctions.”

By the way, Switzerland joined the EU sanctions, although it previously had a neutral position. Audemars Piguet ceased exports to Russia and financial operations on March 8.

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