Russia shelled Zaporozhye: enemies hit the residential complex, destroyed food establishments


Russia shelled Zaporozhye: enemies hit the residential complex, destroyed food establishments

The Russians attacked the territory of Ukraine at night. Enemies launched Shahed kamikaze drones on our land and hit us with rockets.

According to local journalists, explosions were heard in the region at approximately 3:20 am against March 18. The city was attacked during actually the third air raid since the evening of March 17, writes Channel 24 .

What are the consequences of the attack on Zaporozhye

The Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration said that Russia had again attacked the peaceful Zaporozhye.

S-300 missiles were sent to the territory of one of the residential complexes. The shells hit one of the objects of this complex, the IVA said.

According to them, the blast wave and fragments of the S-300 missiles damaged nearby residential blocks of flats. In particular, facades, windows, roofs.

The Zaporizhia District Police Department said that as of 5:18 on March 18, all relevant services were working on the spot. Information about the victims is being specified.

The Russians destroyed the food establishment

The secretary of the Zaporizhia city council Anatoly Kurtev said that as of 05:25 on March 18, it is known that the Russian S-300 missile destroyed the food establishment.

From the blast wave in the surrounding houses, windows flew out and roofs and facades were damaged, the official said.

According to him, people were not injured. However, Anatoly Kurtev called on people whose housing was damaged to contact by phone:

  • 15-80 – from landline numbers;
  • 061 787 15 80, 050 414 15 80, 067 656 15 80 – from mobile phones.

Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahids

  • In the Lviv region, approximately at 23:32 on March 17, an air alert was announced. The head of the Lviv OVA, Maxim Kozitsky, said that there was a threat of rocket attacks and urged people to stay in shelters.
  • Approximately at 23:50 Channel 24 correspondents reported that they had heard explosions in the Lviv region. Already at 1:40 in the Lviv region, an air raid alert was announced.
  • Unfortunately, during this alarm, two Iranian drones hit a critical infrastructure facility in Novomoskovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region. The head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA, Serhiy Lysak, also said that the military from the Vostok air command destroyed 3 enemy drones in the sky over Dnepropetrovsk region. Probably Shahids.
  • The head of the KMVA, Sergei Popko, said that “shahids” were also beaten over Kiev.
  • Subsequently, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that at approximately 21:00 on March 17, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Shahed 131/136 kamikaze drones. APU destroyed 11 out of 16 hostile targets.

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