Russia “slowed down” at Vugledar, which wants to capture in order to compete with the Wagner PPK



The Russian occupiers have largely slowed down their offensive actions near Ugledar. The fact is that over the past three months the enemy has made a number of unsuccessful attacks in this direction.

British intelligence attributes this to the colossal losses suffered by the invaders there. What caused them and why the invaders so stubbornly clung to this settlement – we explain further in the material of Channel 24 .

Why did the occupiers suffer such heavy losses near Ugledar

British intelligence explained that Russian troops “slowed down” near Vuhledar, in the Donetsk region, because they had suffered colossal losses there in the previous months.

One of the factors that provoked further failures of the invaders was the successful implementation by Ukraine of remote anti-armor mine systems (RAAM). Often, the APU launched mines behind the occupying units .

As a result, when the enemies on vehicles tried to retreat, they stumbled upon unexpected “gifts” from the Ukrainian defenders. This, in turn, caused disorder in the Russian army and led to considerable losses.

Note! RAAM is a special artillery projectile that scatters anti-tank mines at a distance of up to 17 kilometers.

The Russian army so persistently wants to capture Vuhledar in order to compete with the Wagner PPK

British intelligence notes that the only noticeable tactical success of Russia in recent times could only be seen in the Bakhmut direction. There, by the way, Wagner mercenaries dominate, who are now publicly at odds with the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country.

In all likelihood, this is why the Russian troops so persistently tried to advance near Ugledar. They wanted to experience success that could compete with the achievements of the Wagnerians. Beauty.

There is a realistic possibility that the Russian Defense Ministry has been pushy in its quest to succeed at Vugledar in part because it wants its own success to rival that of Wagner, the intelligence said.

The Russians have concentrated the maximum to capture Ugledar

  • Yigal Levin, a military analyst and IDF reserve officer, claims that it is much more terrible for the Armed Forces to lose Ugledar than, for example, Bakhmut. He noted this on the air of Channel 24 .
  • Vuhledar is of key strategic importance – railways and other important facilities are located in this direction. This is well understood by the Russians, who have dumped a significant amount of resources there.
  • In particular, the marines and special forces, and also used a large number of tanks. The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not allow the invader's army to break through and capture a strategically important city, but Vuhledar remains one of the hottest sectors of the front.

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