Russia strengthens groupings in the Limansky and Bakhmut directions: the General Staff about the most fierce battles


Russia reinforces groups in the Limansky and Bakhmutsky directions: the General Staff about the most fierce battles

The enemy continues to attack in the eastern directions of the front. Ukrainian defenders and defenders continue to repulse the enemy and inflict enormous losses on him, repelling attacks.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the situation at the front as of 18.00 on February 12. The enemy continues to attempt offensive operations in 5 directions – Kupyansky, Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky and Novopavlovsky.

Enemy offensive attempts and Russian attacks

During these days, the Russians launched 2 missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and opened fire 23 times from multiple launch rocket systems. In addition, the General Staff warns that the threat of new attacks on civilian infrastructure still exists, so alarms should be responded to.

The invaders are actively trying to strengthen their groupings in the Liman and Bakhmut directions. In addition, they use aircraft to strike at our positions.

During this day, Russians from mortars, artillery and tanks fired at dozens of settlements:

  • Severskoye and Slobozhanskoye directions – 13 settlements of the Sumy and Kharkiv regions;
  • Kupyanskoe and Limanskoe – 17 settlements;
  • Bakhmutskoe – 13 settlements;
  • Avdeevskoe and Novopavlovskoe – 21 settlements;
  • Zaporozhye – 8 settlements;
  • Khersonskoe – 15 settlements, including Kherson.

AFU continue to strike at the enemy< /h2>

Ukrainian aviation on February 12 delivered 2 strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupiers. The enemy's damage is being clarified.

In addition, missile and artillery units hit 8 areas of concentration of manpower, 1 air defense position and 2 enemy ammunition depots.

Our soldiers, at the cost of colossal efforts, hold back the advance enemy and inflict enormous losses on the invaders. However, our defenders need our support every day, including material support. Our Charitable Foundation 24 constantly holds meetings for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, we are now holding an urgent muster for an off-road vehicle for the 72nd brigade defending Ukraine near Vuhledar – fierce battles are also continuing there. More information about the gathering and how to join it can be found here.

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