Russia summoned Polish ambassador after incident with Russian ambassador covered in “blood”: they demand an apology


Russia summoned the Polish ambassador after the incident with the Russian ambassador covered in blood: they demand an apology

Half of Russia was doused with paint/Channel 24 Collage

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Polish Ambassador Krzysztof Krajewski because of the incident with the Russian Ambassador in Warsaw, when he was doused with artificial blood.

Polish Ambassador to Russia summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the incident with “blood”

It is noted that the Polish ambassador was summoned to the Russian department at 14:00 CET. The conversation has already taken place and lasted about 20 minutes and was “factual”.

The reason for such actions of the Russian Foreign Ministry was the incident with the Russian ambassador to Poland. He wanted to lay flowers on May 9 at the Mausoleum of Soviet soldiers in Warsaw. Demonstrators with Ukrainian and Polish flags prevented the Russian ambassador from going to the memorial to Soviet soldiers, proclaimed anti-Russian slogans and doused him with a red substance.

Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry verbally protested to the ambassador because of the events at the cemetery on May 9. The Ambassador repeated the main provisions of the position that the Minister had previously presented to the media, as well as what was expressed in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And with this, the ambassador's meeting ended, no additional information or decisions were made, – said the speaker of the Polish Foreign Ministry.

He noted that Kraevsky remains in office. Answering the question whether, as some media reported, the US ambassador to Moscow was summoned together with the Polish ambassador to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the speaker replied that he did not know anything about this. He stressed that there is no such practice to summon the ambassadors of different countries together.

How the Polish authorities reacted to the incident with the Russian ambassador

On May 9, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau called pouring Russian ambassador with a red substance by an incident that should not have happened.

The incident that occurred when the ambassador of the Russian Federation laid wreaths at the graves of dead Soviet soldiers is an incident that should not have happened, an incident for which it is insulting. Diplomats enjoy special protection, regardless of the policies pursued by the governments they represent, the minister said.

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