Russia threatens NATO with nuclear weapons: does this affect the supply of tanks to Ukraine


Russia threatens NATO with nuclear weapons: does this affect the supply of tanks to Ukraine

Nuclear blackmail is back in Russia. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin tried to scare NATO countries with nuclear weapons because of aid to Ukraine.

However, nuclear threats from the Kremlin have no effect on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. This opinion Channel 24 was expressed by political scientist Andrei Vigirinsky.

Volodin said that if the United States and NATO countries supply Ukraine with weapons, including for strikes on Russian territory, then, they say, , “this could end in a global tragedy.”

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Will nuclear threats affect the supply of weapons to Kyiv

Vigirinsky believes that Ukraine's allies, when deciding on military assistance to Ukraine, are not guided by Russian threats. According to the political scientist, for example, there is no connection between nuclear blackmail and the fact that the West is delaying the supply of tanks to Ukraine.

The tank issue will be resolved, just later. This is directly indicated by the statement of Lloyd Austin (U.S. Secretary of Defense – Channel 24) at a press conference following the results of “Rammstein”, Vigirinsky said.

In particular, Austin said that it is important to be able to control equipment and that this equipment should be at the front at the moment when it is needed.

Ukraine will be provided with tanks when the time comes

He added that such words of Austin can be interpreted as a sign that tanks will eventually be provided to Ukraine.

In the understanding of the United States, an offensive operation by Ukraine may begin in the spring. At that moment, our fighters should be trained and then a decision will be made on the supply of tanks, the political scientist said.

Vigirinsky believes that the Rammstein did not consider the threat associated with the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia.


“The countries that are part of the coalition of support for Ukraine – and there are more than fifty of them – provided us with weapons in a considerable amount, which can also hit Russian troops. And tanks among this list do not differ in particular capabilities,” the political scientist said.

Russia is scaring NATO with a global conflict

According to Vigirinsky, Volodin's nuclear threats are focused on the world community not so much on the issue of ending the war in Ukraine. Thus, the aggressor country is trying to signal to the West that the war can reach a new level.

Conventionally, we are talking about the confrontation between NATO and Russia. Although Russia, NATO and China are not particularly keen on direct confrontation between themselves, the political scientist noted.

He added that Western countries also do not want the hostilities to go beyond Ukraine and escalate into a war between Russia and the allies . This is what the Kremlin is trying to put pressure on, resorting to nuclear blackmail.

Russia wants a “cold peace”

The political scientist recalled that Russia constantly uses nuclear threats. Vigirinsky added that nuclear weapons are the threat that pushes countries to take into account each other's interests.

In Russia, they are trying to return the world to the situation of the Cold War, or rather, the “cold peace”, in which the parties take into account the military ability and do not attack each other's interests, Vigirinsky said.

He added that Moscow is trying to stop the West from crossing the road of Russia because of the fear of nuclear weapons.

According to Vigirinsky, the nuclear threats voiced by Volodin could be considered conditionally appropriate if they were made on the eve of a new G20 summit or a meeting that would determine the future world order. However, so far this is nothing more than words.

Moscow's nuclear blackmail: in short

  • Russia periodically threatens with a nuclear strike not only Ukraine, but also the world. The director of practical policy programs at the Institute of Political Education, Alexander Solontai, believes that Vladimir Putin will not take such a step, but demand results at the front.
  • According to international investigators, Vladimir Putin has not abandoned the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons. Hristo Grozev, a journalist for the independent international intelligence community Bellingcat, said that Putin is quite seriously ready to launch a nuclear strike on Poland.
  • Former SBU employee, expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future attack on a third country. However, according to Stupak, the plan is unlikely to be implemented in practice.

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