Russia uses “useful idiots” – Podolyak on the tasks of spies detained in Poland


Russia uses

In Poland, a spy network of Russians was exposed, who planned sabotage on the territory of the country. The Kremlin agents had 3 tasks that were directed against Ukraine.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, spoke about this on Channel 24 . According to him, the world must firmly detain Russian spies so that the aggressor country begins to be afraid.

Mission of Russian spies

Podolyak noted that Russia is actively using agent networks in other countries.

Russia is using its mothballed networks more and more nervously. Not only standard lobbying networks, but also embassies make the most of it. Lots of agents, “useful idiots,” he said.

Advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine stressed that the Kremlin sends spies to other countries to fulfill 3 fundamental tasks. First of all , Russia wants the amount of military aid for Ukraine to decrease .

“Humanitarian aid does not bypass them, because for Russians people are a biosusor, both of their own and in other countries. But they want to reduce military assistance to Ukraine. This requires constant discussions in other societies,” the official explained.

Mikhail Podolyak noted that the Kremlin agents also intended to promote it in other countries. topic of an early truce between Ukraine and Russia . During this time, the terrorist country could take a break, accumulate resources and come back to Ukraine.

In addition, according to the adviser to the head of the OP, another task of Russian spies is to discredit Ukraine as much as possible in the world . They tried to show that Ukraine plans to carry out terrorist attacks in various states in order to draw more attention to the war.

Podolyak about Russian spies: watch the video

The world should punish Kremlin agents harshly

The adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine noted that Russia is convinced that the Kremlin's agents in other states will be able to exert a great influence on the course of the war. Also, the Russians constantly conduct training near the Baltic countries to intimidate them, but all in vain.

“The whole of northern Europe – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – constantly says that it is necessary to help Ukraine as much as possible. They (the Russians – Channel 24) launch Iskanders, shot down an American drone over the Black Sea, they say that they can Poland, create problems in Moldova,” he recalled.

Mikhail Podolyak noted that not everyone has yet understood that Russia is not at all what it always wanted to appear. If all states understood this, they would provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons without any problems.

He stressed that Ukraine continues to explain to the world that the world of the pre-war type will not return and we need to stop being afraid of Russia .

Should be severely exposed and detained. Russia should be afraid. All countries should severely punish Russia's violation of international rules. It would be much more effective in terms of accelerating the finalization of the war,” Podolyak added.

Russia's spy network exposed in Poland: what is known

  • The Polish intelligence services exposed the spy network of Russians who were planning sabotage on the territory of the country. According to preliminary data, 6 people were detained. The target of the saboteurs should be sections of the railway of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. The sabotage was prevented by the Polish Internal Security Agency.
  • Employees of the Homeland Security Agency found dozens of hidden cameras on important highways and railway junctions. In particular, in the area of the Rzeszow airport. That is, spies tracked the main ways of supplying weapons to Ukraine.
  • Basically, spy cameras were found in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, but a few units were also found in other regions of Poland. Due to the discovery of spies, service and police officers were put on high alert. Their priority is the protection of critical infrastructure and main railway lines.
  • The former deputy head of the Polish Military Counterintelligence Service, Maciej Matsek, said that the spies' primary task could be to collect information about the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but it is possible that they could prepare sabotage.

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