Russia wants to replenish the army for another 400 thousand: are the Russians capable of creating combat-ready units


Russia wants to replenish the army for another 400 thousand: are the Russians capable of creating combat-ready units

The Russian Ministry of Defense plans to recruit another 400,000 contract soldiers into the army. However, whether they will be able to provide them with everything they need is the main question.

Yes, in a commentary on Channel 24, military analyst and IDF reserve officer Yigal Levin said. He noted that mobilizing people does not mean organizing them.

“Formally, yes, it is possible. And 100 thousand somewhere to be placed in barracks, and 200, and 300, and 400 thousand,” he said.

He noted that the occupiers were not able to qualitatively organize the combat-ready units of those people who were mobilized at the end of 2022. And in order to create them, the Russians need means of communication and competence. And in Russia with this, the military analyst believes, everything is bad.

Is Russia capable of creating new combat-ready units: watch the video

What do the Russians need for combat-ready units

The IDF reserve officer is convinced that the Russians need a lot of junior commanders – platoon, company and squads. Sergeants are also needed, but there is no sergeant system in Russia.

“If you are organizing a modern army, then sergeants are also needed. There are a lot of commanders who are not officers and officers,” namely, juniors, he said.

According to him, in addition to this, equipment is also needed.

We know that even with this they are very bad. With banal equipment, – said Yigal Levin.

He said that for a combat-ready army, the Russians also need mechanization. Now the invaders are reactivating Soviet equipment, in particular, the BTR-50.

Russians have big problems with technology

“This does not come from a good life, because they have big problems with the mechanization of troops,” Levin said.

The military analyst is sure that the tendency for the Russian army to use Soviet T-62 tanks and other all possible systems will increase.

“We must not forget that they still have a lot of all this. While everything exists,” he said.

The Israel Defense Forces reserve officer added that the Russians are constantly lowering their bar by using reactivated weapons.

What's happening in Russia: latest news

  • In Russia, the age of conscripts is being increased from 18 to 21 years. Military expert Nikolai Salamakha believes that the reason for this is the inexperience of those mobilized in the war, which leads to the loss of the Russian army.
  • The aggressor country refuses to mobilize. Dmitry Peskov said that a new wave of mobilization in Russia allegedly “was not discussed.”
  • Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War believe that Vladimir Putin recognized the shortage of skilled workers in the military-industrial base. The Kremlin is currently trying to revive its capabilities.

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