Russia was controlled by China even before the war: why Xi does not benefit from a long war


Russia was controlled by China even before the war: why Xi does not benefit from a long war

Analysts note that it is not beneficial for China that Russia's war against Ukraine lasts for a long time, despite the fact that it turns the aggressor country into a controlled partner.

Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen told Channel 24 about this. According to him, it was not necessary to start a war in order for China to buy Russian energy resources at a pleasing price.

China takes everything into account

Tizenhausen noted that Russia was China's controlled partner even before the war.

The Chinese loaded the Power of Siberia gas pipeline “to the eyeballs”, filled up their gas storages and granaries. Also, Chinese businessmen have leased many Russian lands,” he stressed.

In his opinion, after the war, there was a violation of supply chains, a restructuring of European markets, and sanctions restrictions arose.

“In principle, you can get secondary sanctions for trade with Russia. China takes into account all these and other points,” the political consultant said.

Why Xi Jinping does not benefit from Russia's long war in Ukraine: watch the video

Xi guaranteed 5 years of reign

He drew attention to the fact that Xi Jinping, again re-elected head of the PRC, would speak with Joseph Biden from a slightly higher level.

“Xi is guaranteed 5 years of rule and he can think within this perspective. Biden, unfortunately, does not have such a term of office. And Xi Jinping has already seen several American presidents. And he can afford to say: I won’t agree with this, I will agree with the next “, stressed Boris Tizenhausen.

The China factor in Russia's war against Ukraine: important

  • In the near future, Xi Jinping will fly to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. Yaroslav Bozhko, head of the Doctrine Center for Political Studies, believes that this visit by the head of China is an attempt to impress the West that the anti-Western alliance of China, Iran, Russia, North Korea and Belarus is not amorphous, but has a stable agenda.
  • Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian publicist and opposition politician from the United States, believes that Ukraine does not need the efforts of the Chinese authorities to resolve the Ukrainian-Russian issue. In addition, the United States can actively influence China in this regard. According to him, the decision to supply Chinese weapons to Russia will provoke the aggression of the American government.
  • Political consultant Mikhail Sheitelman stressed that Ukraine, especially during the war, needs good relations with China. In his opinion, the current negotiations between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Zelensky are likely to lay some future foundation, but they will not solve the problem of war.

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