Russia will be destroyed even after sanctions are lifted, – economist Ustenko


Russia will be destroyed even after the lifting of sanctions, – economist Ustenko

Economist Ustenko suggested the destruction of Russia even after the lifting of sanctions/Getty Images

Powerful world sanctions continue to put pressure on the Russian economy, which has launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. However, the killer country can be destroyed even after the end of the sanctions.

Oleg Ustenko, an economist, said this on Channel 24. According to him, first of all, they are talking about economic destruction after the punitive measures in the form of sanctions are ever lifted. economist

Ustenko noted that Russia is now completely repeating the experience of Iran, which has been living under sanctions since 1979. Moreover, it even exceeds it, although the Iranian country, after 43 years under sanctions, has a much worse standard of living even before they were introduced.

Even if we imagine that in a few decades If sanctions are curtailed, Russia will still be economically destroyed, the economist emphasized.

He stressed that now for a terrorist state, it is only about long-term sanctions that will function for several decades.

However, don't make it impossible for changes to occur over time. “And it (the time for changes in sanctions against Russia – Channel 24) will come someday,” he explained.

The economist spoke about the future of Russia from sanctions: watch the video :22)

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