Russia will build 14 nuclear submarines

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Russia will build 14 nuclear submarines

Submarine K-550 “Alexander Nevsky” project 955 “Borey”

Until 2027, 14 nuclear submarines of the Borei-A and Yasen-M projects will be built for the Russian Navy, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko reported to Krasnaya Zvezda.

According to him, until the specified date, the country's Navy will annually receive one submarine of the Borey-A and Yasen-M projects.

The head spoke about this during his visit to Sevmash (Severodvinsk), where the nuclear submarine data are produced.

The newspaper's publication notes that the enterprise is currently undergoing a large-scale modernization, in particular, the modular-modular method used in the construction of third-generation nuclear submarines is being replaced by the block-modular technology used in the creation of fourth-generation submarines. The publication claims that this “should reduce the labor intensity and construction time.”

On December 12, the strategic submarine missile cruiser K-551 Vladimir Monomakh of Project 955 Borey fired for the first time a salvo of four R-30 Bulava-30 ballistic missiles at once. In the publication of the American magazine Popular Mechanics, it was called a preview of the end of civilization.

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