Russia will create a ship to send animals to the moon

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Russia will create a ship to send animals to the moon

Russia will create a ship to send animals to the moon

Roskosmos has ordered the development of a new generation spacecraft Vorat-MKA-L to send animals to the Moon. This follows from the information on the government procurement website.

Preliminary work should be completed on November 15, 2022, and in another year, experts plan to determine the design appearance of the device.

The documentation says that the new spacecraft will make it possible to conduct “medical and biological studies of the joint influence of the factors of interplanetary flight on living organisms.”

As RIA Novosti clarifies, earlier the state corporation has already announced plans to launch biological satellites. So, in 2023, the Bion satellite will deliver mice, reptiles, insects, plants and microorganisms into orbit. In 2025, another 20 mice are to go into space in the Vozvrat-MKA spacecraft.

Scientists have previously concluded that methane-emitting microorganisms are capable of living in space. We are talking about Methanosarcina mazei, which are concentrated in landfills, in sewage and in the digestive tract of animals and humans. In the course of the study, it turned out that this type of microorganism tolerates vacuum conditions, ultraviolet radiation and temperature drops.

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