Russia will file a peace agreement as the end of the war, but will start “referendums” – political scientist


Russia will present the peace agreement as the end of the war, but will start "referendums", – political scientist

Russia will not abandon the “referendum” even despite the peace agreement/collage of Channel 24

The UN Security Council and the IAEA are not ready to admit that Russia is the cause of all problems and problems at the Zaporozhye NPP. Everyone understands that the Russian troops are actually standing under the power units, thereby “protecting” themselves from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Political scientist Taras Semenyuk told about this Channel 24. He also noted that the invaders are trying to divert attention from themselves and seize the initiative.

“It was Russia that initiated this meeting of the UN Security Council, they first fired at the ZNPP, created a picture, and then, as always, they began to blame Ukraine for this,” says Taras Semenyuk.

According to the political scientist, the Russian invaders are well aware that Energodar is a trump card in their hands, which they use to promote the “idea of ​​peace” – negotiations. the occupiers only need negotiations to rebuild their forces, he says.

 Russia will file a peace agreement as the end of the war, but will start

Taras Semenyuk

political scientist

< blockquote> And this is possible only when the war stops or when the fighting will be paused. The Kremlin will submit a peace agreement as the end of the war and this will be a reason for pseudo-referendums .

Therefore, the ZNPP factor, as a topic for blackmail, will increasingly manifest itself in the rhetoric of the invaders, the political scientist concludes.

Briefly about the nuclear terrorism of Russian perverted soldiers at the ZNPP

  • On August 11, the Russians fired at the ZNPP and the area near it.
  • The head of the Zaporozhye OVA, Oleksandr Starukh, said earlier that in the event of an accident at the plant, 275,000 people would need to be evacuated from a 50-kilometer zone. These are residents of the Zaporozhye, Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the State Emergency Service and the Ministry of Regional Development, is discussing various scenarios for the development of events, including the evacuation of the population of the surrounding settlements.

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