Russia will launch a new orbital space station to replace the ISS

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Russia will launch a new orbital space station to replace the ISS

Work outside the ISS. The station is located 400 km from the Earth.

In the Federal Space Program – 2025, it is proposed to include work on the project of a new orbital station. This recommendation was prepared by the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of Roscosmos.

Preparations for the future launch of the new station must begin in order to avoid the risks “caused by the technical condition of the RS of the Russian segment of the ISS,” said Roscosmos in a commentary.

The state corporation also noted that the completion of the ISS is scheduled for 2028. The station has been in orbit for almost 23 years.

“The orbital station created using new technologies should become an evolutionary step in the development of a program for the study and development of the Moon, flights to Mars and the implementation of innovative scientific and technical programs in space,” the Roscosmos said.

Earlier in the summer, the head of the company, Dmitry Rogozin, said that no country is yet ready to organize a space flight to Mars. In the race to the moon, Rogozin explained, the Russian Federation does not participate, since the size of the prize fund is not clear.

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