Russia will manipulate and try to take people out of Severodonetsk, – British intelligence


Russia will manipulate and try to take people out of Severodonetsk, – British intelligence

Russia will try to forcibly take people out of Severodonetsk/Channel 24 Collage

For several days now, Russian and separatist officials have been claiming that they are trying to create “humanitarian” corridors to evacuate the civilian population from Severodonetsk.

This is reported by intelligence Great Britain. Currently, about 15 thousand Ukrainians remain in the city, where fierce fighting continues. >Intelligence believes that in the previous 48 hours, Russia abandoned the main effort to move south of Izyum in order to advance deep into the Donetsk region. Thus, the enemy is trying to encircle the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are located in Severodonetsk.

After that, the infidels plan to announce a general evacuation of the local population to the territory of Russia.

Since June 14, Russian and separatist officials have said they are trying to set up “humanitarian” corridors so that civilians can evacuate from Severodonetsk. – the intelligence report says.

Russia already has similar precedents, both on the territory of Ukraine and in Syria, the British department adds. According to them, the use of unilaterally declared “humanitarian” corridors is a mechanism for manipulation and “imposing forced displacement of the population”

Citizens remaining in the city are likely to react with suspicion to information about the announcement of such corridors. However, so far there are not enough opportunities for evacuation – before, the Russians actively destroyed bridges in order to block any communication with the city. At the same time, the route proposed by Russia, according to intelligence, will run through the occupied city of Svatovo.

If the trapped civilians do not accept the offer to leave through the corridor, the Russians will consider this a reason to beckon along them, comparing with military installations.

Pay attention. Earlier, British intelligence said that Russian troops control most of Severodonetsk. The Russian tactics of warfare in the cities, which are attributed to the intensive use of artillery, caused great collateral damage throughout the city.

What is happening in Severodonetsk

According to Gaidai, the hottest spot in the Luhansk region is Severodonetsk, where street fighting continues. He stressed that the kafirs do not completely control the city. The most difficult situation is in:

  • villages of the regional center,
  • Toshkivtsi,
  • Golden.

In addition the Russian invaders do not give up their attempts to cut off the Lisichansk-Bakhmut highway.

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