Russia will return reusable rockets by parachute

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Russia will return reusable rockets by parachute

Russia is working on an analogue of SpaceX's reusable rockets. It became known that the Tekhnodinamika holding will create a parachute system for the recoverable first stages.

It is reported that “Roskosmos” pre-ordered research work on the creation of such a complex. Work will begin in 2021, but it is not known when the parachute system itself will be created.

It will probably be designed for the Amur-LNG reusable two-stage medium-class rocket, which is currently being worked on in Russia. It is known about the rocket that its first stage will receive RD-0169 engines running on oxygen and methane. The stage, according to the idea, can be returned up to ten times. According to plans, the first launch of Amur-LNG from the Vostochny cosmodrome will take place around 2025.

In addition, a promising super-heavy rocket for flights to the Moon can become partially reusable.

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