Russia will send two foreign space tourists into orbit at once

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Russia will send two foreign space tourists into orbit at once

A lot of interesting details about the future of Russian space tourism have appeared on the network.

According to Sergei Savelyev, Deputy General Director of the State Corporation Roscosmos for International Cooperation, the company is now thinking about sending two tourists to the ISS at once. For this, it is planned to use the domestic Soyuz spacecraft, RIA Novtsti reports.

Interestingly, foreign citizens will act as customers of the service – Roscosmos is already preparing to sign the relevant contracts with them. The flight itself should take place after 2023, but already in October, as part of the Astronautical Congress in the UAE, the state corporation plans to reveal the secret of the identity of future tourists.

Why will the flight take place only in the field of 2023? It turned out that the whole point is that before that all the ships of Roskosmos were “scheduled”. So, at the end of 2021 and in 2023, tourists who have placed an order through the American operator Space Adventures will fly to Soyuz.

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