Russia will try to lure Ukrainian reserves for a counteroffensive, – military analyst


Russia will try to lure Ukrainian reserves into a counteroffensive, – military analyst

A battle for initiative is expected on the front soon. The Russian occupation army is already making attempts to attack our defenders at the tactical level.

Russia is doing this in order to force the command of the Ukrainian army to draw up reserves for a counteroffensive. Military analyst Yigal Levin told this to Channel 24.

Russia will try to lure out Ukrainian reserves

According to him, it is no secret that now Ukraine is actually creating two armies. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny spoke about this in an interview.

Russia will now try by all means to force Ukraine to involve all mechanized and assault reserve brigades created for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, – suggested military analyst.

If the Russians manage to do this, the General Staff of Ukraine will be forced to adapt and the initiative will pass to the occupiers. On the other hand, Ukraine will try to keep the initiative in its hands.

Levin suggested that Russia will try to lure Ukrainian reserves: watch the video

< p> Levin noted that the offensive of the Russians in the Bakhmut or Zaporozhye directions does not globally affect the strategic level. So, after a series of successful counteroffensives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine last year, the initiative is in the hands of the Ukrainian defenders.

In addition, the Ukrainian General Staff will try to keep and not to attract reserves. At the same time preparing for a new push, where these reserves will be used.

Situation at the front: breaking news

  • From midnight On January 24, Ukrainian defenders eliminated three Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters. It happened in the East direction. Moreover, over the past day, on January 23, the Ukrainian military eliminated 6 enemy air targets.
  • The missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also effectively completed their work. Over the past day, our fighters have attacked 3 areas of enemy manpower and logistics.
  • Fierce battles continue in the Bakhmut area. In the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions, the Russian invaders are trying to launch an offensive. The occupiers are not stopped by the frenzied losses they incur there.
  • At the same time, in the Kupyansk direction, offensive operations are fruitless. Our defenders managed to repel all the attacks of the occupying troops.

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