Russian agents are also working in the rear: the SBU conducts counter-sabotage activities in Kyiv


Russian agents are also working behind the lines: SBU conducts counter-sabotage activities in Kyiv

Law enforcement officers have repeatedly found traitors and fire spotters in almost every corner of Ukraine. Therefore, in order to protect critical infrastructure facilities and improve the security of citizens in war conditions, they carry out counterintelligence (security) activities.

For example, on Saturday, January 21, the SBU reported about the next such events in the Desnyansky district of Kyiv. They take place, in particular, in the Lesnoy residential area and in nearby areas.

Where and what is checked

The SBU works not alone, but in cooperation with the National Police, the Military Law Enforcement Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard. As part of security measures, it is possible:

  • restriction of passage and travel along the streets of the Desnyansky district,
  • checking documents and reviewing cars,
  • inspection of the territory and common areas to identify prohibited items.

The SBU asks citizens to treat possible inconveniences with understanding and properly respond to the lawful actions and demands of law enforcement officers, have identification documents with you, observe the curfew, – noted in the Security Service.

Law enforcement officers also emphasized that in their activities they adhere to the principle of legality, the constitutional inviolability of the rights and freedoms of citizens. >Discovered traitors to Ukraine: latest news

  • Recently, in the Kyiv region, law enforcement officers managed to expose and detain an FSB agent who was passing information about military facilities to the invaders. He also handed over to the aggressor the coordinates of local critical infrastructure facilities, including power generating enterprises
  • At the end of January, Russian agents were also exposed in the Dnieper. The SBU managed to detect 7 traitors who corrected the Russians' missile strikes on the city. In particular, they handed over to the Russians the coordinates of critical infrastructure facilities.
  • In general, since the beginning of the full-scale war, law enforcement officers in Ukraine have discovered hundreds of spies and Russian agents. At the beginning of 2023, the Security Service of Ukraine is investigating more than 1.5 thousand criminal proceedings on the facts of treason and espionage.

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