Russian agents suspected of sending letters with explosives across Europe – NYT


Russian agents suspected of sending explosives across Europe, – NYT

In the West, Russia is believed to be responsible for the explosive letter campaign in Europe. The GRU and a group of militants from Russia are considered involved in terrorism.

US and European officials believe that Russian military intelligence agents instructed Russian-based militants to carry out the recent bomb letter campaign in Spain. The most prominent targets of the campaign, according to the US, were the Spanish prime minister, the defense minister, and foreign diplomats and officials. h2>

US officials say the operation could have been a signal to Russia that the Kremlin and its supporters could carry out more terrorist attacks in Europe, including the capitals of NATO member states, if the countries continue to support Ukraine.

Spanish and foreign investigators are investigating who sent 6 letter bombs in late November and early December 2022, mostly in Madrid, including the official residence of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the US and Ukrainian embassies, the Ministry of Defense.

“No one was killed in the attacks, which US officials classify as terrorism. A Ukrainian embassy official was injured in the explosion of one of the packages. However, US and European officials believe that Russian military intelligence officers ordered a militant group that was actually based in Russia, to carry out this campaign, the main goals of which were the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and foreign diplomats and other officials,” the message says.

Investigators focused on the “Russian Imperial Movement”, a radical group with members and supporters across Europe and military training centers in St. Petersburg.

They added that the group, designated by the US State Department as a global terrorist organization, is has connections with Russian intelligence services. Important members of the group were in Spain and the police there traced their links to far-right Spanish organizations.

The United States has named who took part in the campaign

U.S. officials say that Russian officers who led this campaign appears to have been intended to catch European governments by surprise and may have been testing proxy groups in case Moscow decided to escalate the conflict.

It is also alleged in the US that Russian GRU officers are behind the company.

U.S. officials suspect that the Russian officers who participated in the operation in Spain are part of the 161 Special Forces Training Center, whose headquarters in eastern Moscow, among other groups, includes unit 29155.

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