Russian armored car “Typhoon-VDV” armed with a unique cannon

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Russian armored car

The Russian armored vehicle Typhoon-VDV was equipped with an upgraded combat module with a unique 30-mm gun.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the new weapons will increase firepower and firing range. The latter now exceeds 4000 meters. The designer of the developer Igor Zarakhovich claims that this module is superior in combat capabilities to all analogues in Russia, and maybe even abroad. Also, the cannon is capable of hitting targets on the move.

“Its capabilities can be a big surprise for a potential adversary,” added the designer. According to him, now everything meets the requirements of the tactical and technical assignment.

It is noted that the Typhoon-VDV uses a KamAZ diesel engine with a capacity of 350 horsepower. In 2020, this armored vehicle was even tested on Elbrus.

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