Russian “Boreas” and “Ash” compared

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TASS: submarines of project 955 “Borey” technical novelty is no more than 40 percent


Photo: Pavel Lvov / RIA Novosti

According to unconfirmed reports, one nuclear submarine of the Borey project costs 23 billion rubles for the Russian budget, while a submarine of the Yasen project costs more than 200 billion. The submarines were compared by TASS military observer Dmitry Litovkin.

“No wonder that Project 885 boats are among the most secret in the Russian Navy,” the author writes.

The observer recalled that the submarines of project 955 “Borey” have a new “technical filling” of no more than 40 percent, while “the boats of the 885th project have all systems, components and mechanisms completely new, never used anywhere before.” In particular, the submarines of the Yasen project use a mixed construction system and a hull made of high-strength low-magnetic steel.

The author is sure that obtaining a digital model of a nuclear submarine will reduce the time for designing and manufacturing submarines.

In December 2021, TASS, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, reported that two Project 955A (Borey-A) submarines would be laid down at the Sevmash enterprise in 2023.

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