Russian fighter jet shot down by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv region fell into Oskol: pilots ejected


Russian fighter jet shot down by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv region fell into Oskol: pilots ejected

Russian fighter jet shot down by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv region fell into Oskol/Channel 24 collage

The Russian Su-34 aircraft, which was shot down by the Ukrainian military on May 18, crashed into the Oskol River near Podliman in the temporarily occupied Borovo community of Kharkiv region.< /p>

This was reported by the Borovsky village council, noting that the pilots of the aircraft managed to eject. In addition, the published message told where the most manpower and equipment of the occupiers are now concentrated. > Borovsky village council writes that the fighting on the territory of the community has not yet been conducted, but the invaders will still suffer losses. Yes, yesterday our defenders shot down a hostile Su-34 in the sky.

Yesterday, an enemy Su-34 aircraft was shot down over the neighboring Kupyansky district, which crashed into Oskol near Podliman. The pilots of the enemy fighter, unfortunately, managed to eject, the message says.

According to Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance, the largest number of manpower and equipment of the occupiers is located in small villages of the Borovsk region at the intersection of the borders of three regions: Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk, as well as in Sheykovka, Cherneshchyna, Pesky-Radkovsky. A large number of enemy troops pass through the community in transit.

The society is “led” by local collaborators

The Russian commandant's office, headed by a military commandant, with the assistance of several local collaborators began to manage the community.

“They tell local residents nonsense about the fact that Borovsk region is already part of the “LNR” or the Belgorod region of Russia, they are trying to force local entrepreneurs to cooperate, they are putting pressure on the heads of public utilities and elders,” representatives of the Borovsky village council add.

Unfortunately, the community still has problems with the Internet, weak mobile communications. The banking system and state-owned companies do not work. There is an acute shortage of medicine in the community, in particular insulin preparations are running out. The occupiers, in turn, do not allow humanitarian cargo, including vital medicines, to pass from the territories controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. Such a policy of the occupying authorities can lead to tragic consequences, they add in the telegram channel of the village council.

What is happening in the Kharkiv region: briefly

  • direction. The day before. According to the General Staff, the village of Dementievka, Dergachev District, came under the control of the Ukrainian military.
  • In the morning report, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that Russian kafirs were trying to launch a counteroffensive in the Kharkiv direction in order to regain lost positions. However, the enemy continues to carry out a fiery defeat of Ukrainian units and even tried to carry out counterattacks in order to restore the lost lines.
  • People are returning to the de-occupied territory of the region. However, the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov noted that now such a decision should be postponed.
  • The Office of the President reported on May 10 that more than 1003 settlements were liberated from the invaders in Ukraine.

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