Russian forces continue to stockpile military equipment near ZNPP nuclear reactors, – ISW


Russian forces continue to store military equipment near ZNPP nuclear reactors, – ISW

Invaders place military equipment near ZNPP reactors/Channel 24 Collage

Russian invaders continue to place their equipment near the nuclear reactors of the Zaporozhye NPP. In addition, they dig trenches around it for arranging firing positions.


This was reported at the Institute for the Study of War. Experts noted that information about the threats of the Russian general to destroy the Zaporizhzhya NPP if he cannot hold it, probably only distracts from the very real risks of its militarization. near nuclear reactors

The Institute for the Study of War noted that Russia’s militarization of Europe’s largest nuclear facility could include:

  • mining of ZNPP,
  • dangerous storage of military weapons near nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storages

Bellingcat journalists determined the geolocation of a video made with a drone near ZNPP. It was published on August 5 by one of the Russian opposition publications.

The video shows Russian military vehicles moving in and around the station, including military trucks and armored vehicles moving around and inside the building where the station’s first of six nuclear reactors is located, ISW noted.

In addition, Russian troops dug trenches in and around the ZNPP. Experts suggest that the invaders set up firing positions there.

The invaders use the ZNPP as a nuclear shield

At the same time, Russian officials continue to accuse Ukraine of strikes against the ZNPP. Moreover, they are convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly hit the station repeatedly.

At the same time, Ukrainian officials say that the invaders are attacking the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the territory of the ZNPP. They essentially use it as a nuclear shield, because our fighters cannot attack them back.

“Since July, Russian troops have repeatedly shelled the neighboring Ukrainian-controlled city of Nikopol, probably from positions on or around the nuclear power plant it,” the experts added.

ISW believes Russian forces are likely using the threat of a nuclear holocaust to dampen Western willingness to provide military support for the Ukrainian counteroffensive.


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