Russian “Guarding” predicted sinking

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Corvette “Perfect” project 20380

Project 20380 corvettes, in particular, the head “Guarding”, have a number of serious problems with air defense (air defense), military expert Maxim Klimov writes in the “Military-Industrial Courier”.

According to the author, the sinking of these ships “is not difficult for a group of attack aircraft (and even a single aircraft) or an enemy missile boat.” The expert notes that the Redut anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) receives extremely expensive 9M96 and 9M100 anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAMs) with an active radar homing warhead.

Klimov writes that the corvettes do not have radio correction of missiles, as a result of which the Redoubt is unable to hit an actively maneuvering target. The author predicts that this air defense missile system “passes with a high probability” a standard salvo of the American anti-ship missile (ASM) Harpoon, since “the target distribution of missiles to the anti-ship missile system of the salvo occurs randomly, and in this situation, the missile's target is almost inevitable.

The author sees the solution to “this set of problems”, in particular, in the installation of a radar station (radar) “Positive-M” and means of radio correction, as well as the replacement of 9M100 with 9M338K.

In October 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Project 20385 Thundering corvette, which is being built for the Russian Pacific Fleet, will receive the Zircon hypersonic missile.

Project 20380 patrol ships of the near sea zone (corvettes) are designed to combat surface ships and submarines, as well as for fire support during amphibious assault operations.

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