Russian helicopter “Night Hunter” armed with missiles of a new generation

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Russian helicopter

The Russian attack helicopter Mi-28NM “Night Hunter” was armed with missiles of a new generation with a range of up to 25 kilometers. Now he can destroy a target without entering the enemy's air defense (AA) zone.

In particular, the helicopter is capable of eliminating stationary and mobile ground targets and high-speed maneuvering air objects.

It is reported that the Mi-28N was rearmed based on the results of combat use in Syria. It showed that the range of destruction of anti-tank guided missiles “Attack” and “Vikhr-M” is not enough. Their figure was 9-10 kilometers, and NATO countries' MANPADS can hit targets at a distance of 12 kilometers.

As a result, experts have developed a light multipurpose guided missile. She has a unique control system. It is noted that the Mi-28N as a result surpassed the American main attack helicopter AH-64 Apache in combat capabilities.

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