Russian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk included in the list of foreign agents


Russia has included journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk in the list of foreign agents

“Foreign agent hysteria” continues in Russia. Now they have added journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk to the list.

The corresponding decision was made by the Russian Ministry of Justice. In addition to Tsymbalyuk, the aggressor country added 3 more people to this list. This is reported by the Russian media, channel 24.

Tsymbalyuk left Russia last year

Journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk was the only journalist from Ukraine accredited in Russia from 2017 to 2021. However, at the end of 2021, he had to leave Russia due to a security threat. In total, Tsymbalyuk worked in Russia for more than 10 years.

The reason for Tsymbalyuk's departure was a summons for interrogation to the Russian prosecutor's office. Later, this interrogation was called off, but there were fears that the journalist would be called again. Therefore, for reasons of his own security, Tsymbalyuk left Russia and returned to Ukraine.

I left Russia because I think there is a threat to my personal safety. The Russian junta seems to have shown itself, – the journalist said at the time.

2 months before Tsymbalyuk left Russia, the “top figures” there predicted “big problems” for the journalist. The journalist's lawyer said back in December that Tsymbalyuk was charged with extremism in Russia.

Reference.The status of a foreign agent in Russia is assigned to the publication and to persons who allegedly “under the influence from abroad” disseminate information on the territory of the country. The relevant law was criticized after its adoption in 2012 both in Russia and in the world. Since the launch of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has added to this list anyone whose views differ from the official propaganda of the Putin regime.

What is known about Roman Tsymbalyuk

The Ukrainian journalist worked in Moscow for UNIAN news agency for more than 10 years, and also collaborated with 1+1 and Radio Liberty. Tsymbalyuk is known for his sharp questions to the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, in particular, and about Russian troops in the Donbass. Tsymbalyuk is the last Ukrainian journalist who was accredited to the Russian Foreign Ministry on a permanent basis. In 2017, journalist and cameraman Nikita Borodin was detained in Russia after recording an interview with a graduate student at Moscow State University who flew the Ukrainian flag. Soon the media workers were released. On Channel 24, Roman Tsymbalyuk leads the video blog “Betrayal and Victory”.

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