Russian landing boat “Akula” exploded on a mine in the waters of Mariupol, – Andryushchenko


In the waters of Mariupol, a Russian landing boat

The Russian boat “Akula” exploded on a mini/Collage of 24 channels

A Russian landing craft “Akula” exploded on a mine near Mariupol in the Sea of ​​Azov. This happened on June 30.

This was announced by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko. He noted that they finally received confirmation of this.

Three Russian sailors died, – Andryushchenko

The landing boat of the project 1176 “Shark” of the Black Sea Fleet self-destructed. According to preliminary information, 3 sailors were killed.

The warehouse of the loot burned down in Mariupol

Retribution overtook the infidels in the left-bank part of Mariupol. Here, the enemies arranged for themselves a warehouse for the loot on the territory of the service station. However, on July 2, everything stolen suddenly caught fire. The Russian so-called “rescuers” hurried to save the stolen goods, but they did not succeed.

Another Mariupol cigarette butt repaid the robbers. Mariupol does not accept the occupation and begins retaliation even in the rear of the occupiers, Andryushchenko assured.

The occupiers lost 15 ships and boats

Note that, according to the official information of the General Staff, in the war in Ukraine, Russia lost 15 ships and boats. Regarding the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 35,970 enemies were eliminated. The Russians also lost 1,584 tanks, 246 multiple launch rocket systems, 217 aircraft and 187 helicopters.

The situation in occupied Mariupol: what is known

  • About 10,000 Mariupol residents are in prison the so-called DNR. Now at least 4 such prisons are known – in Olenivka, Donetsk and Makiivka.
  • The bodies of people who died as a result of enemy bombardments are no longer pulled out from under the rubble. The Russians decided to blow up houses.
  • There are big problems with food and essential goods in the city. the occupiers do not make new deliveries.
  • They collect information about the residents of the city under the guise of registering damaged property.

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