Russian logistics will be even more destroyed: how will US air glide bombs help?


Russian logistics will be further destroyed: how US air glide bombs will help

The United States, according to unconfirmed reports, may announce another military aid package for Ukraine as early as February 3rd. GLSDB aviation planning bombs with a range of 150 kilometers are supposed to enter there.

Military expert Andrei Kharuk told Channel 24 about this. According to him, the GLSDB combines a GBU-39 small-diameter bomb with a rocket engine from an already retired unguided rocket for HIMARS. It is cheaper than GMLRS missiles for 80 kilometers, which are now used by the Ukrainian military.

How bombs for 150 km will help at the front

As Haruk noted, this planning bomb is not yet in service with any of the armies of the world. The Ukrainian military will be the first to use them on the battlefield.

There, the warhead is a little weaker than the missiles we currently use. But the range is longer. Given the high accuracy, it can be assumed that these missiles are used to hit ammunition depots. Haruk remarked.

The warhead should have been enough to defeat ammunition depots. This will force the occupiers to further push back the logistics hubs. At first, they did this after receiving GMLRS missiles at 80 km. This time they will also have to move beyond the line of 150 kilometers.

This will significantly complicate the supply of ammunition or fuel on the front line. Also, this weapon is ideal, for example, when a train with military equipment arrives at the railway station. A few of these shells will turn them into a pile of scrap metal,” Haruk emphasized.

Ukraine may receive bombs with a range of 150 kilometers

  • On February 3, the United States may announce a new military aid package for Ukraine . GLSDB glide bombs 150 kilometers away should go in there.
  • It is not yet known whether the US actually plans to transfer such weapons. However, The Wall Street Journal has been told this by sources familiar with the matter.
  • GLSDB can be launched from HIMARS rocket launchers. The bomb is equipped with wings and a rocket engine that increases its range.

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