Russian military industry – come on, goodbye


Russian military industry – come on, goodbye

Russia has disgraced the whole world with its weapon, “unparalleled”/Caricature by Sergey Elkin

Russia's share of the global arms market will never be large. There will only be less and will fall every year.

The weapons of the “second army of the world” no longer strike


1. First, sanctions.

2. Secondly, the whole world saw what kind of shit it was.

Advertising for Russian weapons was that they were “cheaper and easier to maintain than Western counterparts.” This is the reason for the large, so far, market share. russia sells almost 90% of its weapons to just 10 countries, including india, egypt and china.

In four months of aggression, the world's second largest arms exporter has lost:

  • over 1,600 tanks;
  • more than 400 units of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters);
  • more than 9 thousand units of various military equipment.

Russia fired more than 3,000 missiles into Ukraine. And here is the most interesting thing: the failure rate of missiles, the proportion of those that did not launch, failed in flight or did not hit the target, reaches 50 – 60% due to design flaws and outdated or low-quality equipment.

Armless Russia

And the second reason for the fall of Russia's market share is components, or rather, their shortage. Both Russian weapons and tactical combat equipment depend on Western components. More about this is discussed in the report of the Royal Joint Institute for Defense Studies.

The authors of the report believe that at this stage of the war with Ukraine, the Russian army is running out of missiles, and it may not be possible to make new ones: the latest Russian weapons are largely degree depends on the components produced in other countries.

Russia has forgotten how to create new types of weapons. Tanks are the modernization of old developments. Planes are also a problem. They build one or two transport aircraft or one or two bombers a year, and not from scratch, but using the old Soviet backlog. So, the Russian military-industrial complex – come on, goodbye.

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