Russian military units actually run out of money – intelligence


In military units Russia has actually run out of money, – intelligence

The Russian invaders are running out of money, as are the Russian invaders themselves/The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Significant losses in the war against Ukraine and the sanctions gave their result. Russia is running out of money even for the military.

Russia planned a quick and victorious war in Ukraine. Therefore, they promised their invaders considerable sums for participation in war crimes.

But they failed to “take Kyiv in three days”, and the Russian army “stuck”. At that time, the sanctions left the economy without money.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian invaders still received their money for the war against Ukraine. But the payment of these expenses in the budget was by no means provided. Therefore, there are no funds for the next payments.

“In particular, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, after the payment of “travel allowances” to those who participated in the war against Ukraine for February, the existing limit of funds for military units has been completely exhausted. Financing of any payments for March is missing,” Ukrainian intelligence said in a statement.

Not only the occupying forces, but also mercenaries have problems with payment. Among them, cases of refusal to travel to the territory of Ukraine are becoming more frequent. The reason is the non-fulfillment of the terms of the concluded contracts. The militants do not receive funds for participation in hostilities, compensation for injuries and the promised “social guarantees”.

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