Russian offensive has already begun, the occupiers are acting in a different way, – military analyst


The Russian offensive has already begun, the invaders are acting in a different way, – military analyst

Russia is planning another offensive in the coming weeks. However, the fighting at the front, in particular in the Donbass, is already very hot. Military experts suggest that a new large-scale invasion has already begun.

This Channel 24 was reported by military analyst Alexei Getman. He stressed that the greatest accumulation of forces from Russia is now taking place in the Lugansk direction. =”ltr”>According to him, there the Russians will try to break through to Izyum, and then their plan is to reach Slavyansk.

A military analyst spoke about the current situation on the fronts:< /p>

  • There have been active battles near Bakhmut for several weeks now. The invaders are trying to capture and cordon off the city, but so far they have not succeeded.
  • In the South, in particular near Zaporozhye, hostilities have also intensified.

He believes thatthe Russians will act in a different way – they already understand their mistakes, so they are trying to “grope” our weak point all along the front line.

We can assume that the Russians are testing our defenses and want to find a “weak gap” in order to concentrate their main blow there. But it is impossible to say that they have gathered a powerful group somewhere, except for the Lugansk region, – Hetman explained.

In his opinion, it is difficult to say when a large-scale offensive will begin. “Let's remember that Putin officially ordered to seize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions before March 1, but they will not have time to do it if they start in a few days,” the analyst says.

The Russian offensive has already begun

Getman assumes that the big offensive, which has been talked about in recent weeks, has already begun, it’s just that today he has just such view – that the Russians are “probing” our defense.

By and large, this is reconnaissance in combat. Further, the occupiers will send more forces to where they believe they have found our “weak spot”. Later in the history books we will see that this was the beginning of that great Russian offensive that they have been announcing for many months. – Hetman said.

He added that later historians will be able to assess in detail when the new offensive of the invaders began. “But such an offensive as it was -” they prepared and at exactly 5 in the morning began to bomb Kyiv, “the occupiers will not do it again,” the expert suggests.

So, according to the analyst, the Russians are now looking for a “weak spot” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in three directions:

  • in the Bakhmut area ,
  • near Kremennaya and Liman in Lugansk region,
  • south of Zaporozhye.

By the way, military expert Oleg Zhdanov also said that the Russian offensive, which everyone is talking about, has already begun. We are talking about the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. “This is a breakthrough to Chasov Yar and an attempt to expand this segment of the breakthrough. Now there is an activation from the side of Kremennaya in the direction of Liman,” he stressed.

Latest news from the Donetsk direction

  • Servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine destroyed another Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. Our soldiers shot down a Russian fighter in the Bakhmut area.
  • According to the press officer of the 68th separate chasseur brigade named after Oleksa Dovbush, the Russians tried to break through the defenses of Ugledar, but they were adequately met by military chasseur brigades. Today the Russians stopped storming the city. Artillery duels continue, but there are no assault actions from the enemy.
  • Occupiers overthrew a special rapid reaction unit “SOBR” near Ugledar. According to military expert Oleg Zhdanov, there are more sabotage in the ranks of the Russians and the unit will prevent them.

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