Russian oligarchs and their families are massively trying to challenge EU sanctions


Russian oligarchs and their families are massively trying to challenge EU sanctions

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich/Sky Sports

The European Union has imposed sanctions against a number of Russian oligarchs due to Russia's military aggression in Ukraine. While military and civilians are dying in Ukraine, Russian oligarchs are trying to challenge the sanctions.

About 20 lawsuits have already been filed in European courts

Oligarchs from Russia and their families are trying to appeal in the courts restrictive measures by the European Union. According to Bloomberg, about 20 suits related to personal sanctions have already been filed in European courts.

It is reported that among those who are trying to appeal the sanctions are Roman Abramovich, Andrey Melnichenko (SUEK), Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman (Alfa Group) and Dmitry Konov (former head of SIBUR).

EU lawyer Carsten Zatschler, in a comment to Bloomberg, noted that most of these cases “will have a very limited chance of success.”

More than a thousand Russians are under EU sanctions

  • Oppositional Russian media report that at the beginning of June there were more than 1,000 Russians on the lists of EU sanctions.
  • As you know, sanctions have been imposed on officials, the military, employees of state media, businessmen and, in some cases, members of their families. Their assets on the territory of the EU are frozen, and entry into the EU countries is prohibited.
  • On June 3, the European Union finally approved the 6th package of sanctions against Russia. As part of the expansion of sanctions against Russia for military aggression, another 65 people and 18 companies were subject to restrictions, Channel 24 reports.
  • The family of Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov fell under the sanctions. In particular, his wife is Russian figure skater Tatyana Navka, son Nikolai and daughter Elizaveta. Alina Kabaeva, known as Putin's mistress, is also on the sanctions list.
  • In May, the dpa agency, based on data from the European Commission, informed that the assets of Russian oligarchs worth about 10 billion euros were frozen in the EU. Ukraine wants to recover these funds for its own benefit for post-war reconstruction.
  • The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, allowed the use of these frozen assets for the restoration of Ukraine.

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