Russian oligarchs may be allowed to avoid sanctions in exchange for money for Ukraine, – media


Russian oligarchs may be allowed to avoid sanctions in exchange for money for Ukraine, media

Russian oligarchs may be able to avoid sanctions/Getty Images

Western countries may allow Russian oligarchs to pay off sanctions. However, for this they must provide financial assistance to Ukraine.

The funds that Russian oligarchs can give are planned to be used to restore Ukraine after the war. This was reported by the American news agency Associated Press on May 26.

According to media reports, this idea was put forward by Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christia Freeland at the G-7 ministerial meeting in Germany last week.


Freeland began to discuss this issue after the Russian oligarchs suggested it to her. It is noted that Ukraine discussed this. One of the officials said that the separation of Russian oligarchs from Putin and their financial assistance to Ukraine is in the interests of the West.

We would not talk about this if there was no comfort Ukrainians. We need to know that it works for them too,” the official said.

Officials spoke of the idea on condition of anonymity as they were not allowed to speak publicly about internal G-7 discussions.

The proposal was made in the context of providing Ukraine with additional money and how the frozen funds and assets of the oligarchs could be useful for the country.

What is known about the status of Russian assets

  • Earlier, Forbes reported that Russian assets worth about $500 billion were frozen in the world. Ukraine wants to receive these funds to restore the infrastructure destroyed by Russia. Schmigal previously estimated damage from a full-scale invasion at $500 billion. The prime minister also expressed the opinion that about $600 billion would be spent on restoring the state.
  • Shmigal noted that Ukraine's international partners and allies would help confiscate about $500 billion of the frozen assets of Russia and its oligarchs. The OP said that they had two plans to recover Russian money.
  • The European Union is already preparing to send the frozen assets of Russia to the restoration of Ukraine.

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