Russian plane approached the borders of Estonia: it was intercepted by NATO fighters

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Russian plane approached the borders of Estonia: it was intercepted by NATO fighters

This is the first joint mission of the FRG and the UK of its kind.

A Russian plane was flying near NATO airspace on the border with Estonia. It was intercepted by British and German fighters.

It is reported by Sky News.

The Russian aircraft reportedly flew close to NATO borders and failed to contact Estonian air traffic control.

It was intercepted by two Typhoon fighters, one British and one German. According to one of the pilots, they identified the Russian plane and watched it as it “flyed near NATO airspace.”

Since the Russian vessel did not communicate with air traffic control, they intercepted it to ensure flight safety for all airspace users.

It is indicated that the British and German air forces for the first time united to patrol Estonian airspace.

“This joint deployment of the UK and Germany in the Baltic countries clearly demonstrates our collective determination to confront any potential threat to NATO's borders, while demonstrating our combined strength,” British Secretary of the Armed Forces James Hippie said in a statement.

Recall that on March 14, a Russian Su-27 fighter attempted to intercept a US MQ-9 drone in the airspace above the waters outside the Russian sea area. One of the Russian planes, according to the statement, hit the MQ-9 propeller, causing the US Air Force to sink its own drone.

And on the night of February 14 , Dutch F-35 fighters intercepted a group of three Russian military aircraft in Polish airspace and escorted them.

In Warsaw, they say that in such cases it is standard procedure, and Russian planes were in international space without violating NATO borders.

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