Russian planes with military continue to arrive in Kazakhstan (video)

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Russian aircraft with military personnel continue to arrive in Kazakhstan (video)

Nine Russian military transport aircraft have landed in Almaty.

Aircraft from Russian military personnel. So, on Friday, January 7, nine aircraft of Russia , Il-76 with servicemen and equipment landed at the Almaty airfield.

This was reported by the Russian media with reference to the RF Ministry of Defense.

The video shows how the planes arrive at the airport, where they meet in military vehicles. Army men in military uniform and with weapons are leaving the planes.

“Subdivisions from the Russian CSTO peacekeeping contingent, after studying the situation, have begun to carry out their assigned tasks,” it was said in the message.

In the Russian Federation they say that the air group of more than 70 Il-76 and 5 An-124 aircraft “round-the-clock transfers Russian contingent units to Kazakhstan within the framework of the CSTO” peacekeeping forces. ” TV channels reported that turned for military support to partners of the CSTO countries to suppress mass protests in the country.

Earlier it became known how many “peacekeepers” are from Russia and other CSTO countries will be sent to Kazakhstan

Washington will closely monitor the deployment of Russian troops under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Kazakhstan.

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