Russian propagandist claims destruction of “non-existent” Ukrainian Bayraktar


Russian propagandist claims about the destruction of

Leshchenko denied Russian fakes about the destruction of Ukrainian Bayraktar/Channel 24 collage

The Russian propaganda machine continues to spread fake news about the war in Ukraine. Thus, the Kremlin's henchman Alexander Kots announced the allegedly successful destruction of another Ukrainian Bayraktar.

At the same time, the Russian propagandist has already stated several times that there is not a single strike unmanned aerial vehicle of this type left in Ukraine. Adviser to the head of the President's Office Sergei Leshchenko spoke about problems with mathematics among the Kremlin's henchmen at a regular briefing on the evening of May 9, Channel 24 informs.

Russian military destroy “non-existent” Bayraktar

Sergey Leshchenko said that Russian propagandists once again show that they are not friends with mathematics. Yes, the well-known Kremlin propagandist Oleksandr Kots again failed to count all the Ukrainian Bayraktars.

In particular, on May 7, he reported that Ukrainian Su-24 and Su-27 bombers were allegedly shot down by the Russian military near Snake Island, three Mi-8 helicopters, a landing assault boat “Stanislav” and two Bayraktar TB2 .

At the same time, back in March, this same propagandist, together with his colleagues, said that the Russians destroyed absolutely all, except for one, the Ukrainian Bayraktar. After that, they several times reported shooting down such attack drones on Russian territory, and even earlier near the same Zmeiny Island.

Subsequently, on May 8, Kots announced the destruction of two more Ukrainian Su-24 bombers, one Mi-24 helicopter and Bayraktar on duty near Odessa.

That is, if they destroyed 35 out of 36 Bayraktar back in March, then where did they are all these new messages taken? Of course, they are based on lies propagated by Russia,” Leshchenko emphasized.

By the way, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office added that the terrorist country continues to report false information about its own losses , not recognizing the real figures, and about the losses that Ukraine will suffer while defending its lands.

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