Russian propagandists fantasize that Leopard 2 is already in Ukraine


Russian propagandists fantasize that Leopard 2 is already in Ukraine

While the whole of Ukraine held its breath in anticipation of receiving Leopard 2 tanks from partners, propagandists, as always, compose fairy tales. Thus, the enemy is already shouting that at least 2 tanks were “noted” in the Nikolaev region.

According to propagandists, tractors with weapons were moving in the direction of an armored plant. The Center for Strategic Communications began to refute this information.

There are no tanks yet, but the invaders are “already destroying them”

Soon the Ukrainian military will begin training on the use of the Leopard 2 in Poland. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov. So while the Ukrainian tankers have not even begun their studies, and the world is still discussing the transfer of Leopard-2, Russia is already preparing to destroy them.

Note that in the absence of real victories at the front, the occupiers are forced to come up with achievements on the battlefield. Often comes to the point of absurdity. For example, according to the statements of the talkative head of the Kremlin Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, the occupiers have already destroyed more HIMARS than Ukraine received.

Fake infidels/Photo by Spravdi

Transfer of Ukraine Leopard 2: the main thing

  • It should be explained that German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, at a meeting in the Ramstein format on January 20, said that the Western allies have not yet reached an agreement to provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 main battle tanks.
  • Pistorius instructed his ministry to prepare for the “day that may come” and said that he had issued an order to check, what are the stocks of tanks in the Bundeswehr and industry.
  • GUR speaker Andrey Yusov said that Leopard tanks will be in Ukraine, but the public presentation of this decision is still under discussion.

Please note ! On January 20, the eighth meeting in the Rammstein format took place. According to military analyst Aleksey Getman, our expectations could be too high. In fact, Ukraine was given a lot of weapons, but only for protection.

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