Russian scientists have developed a sensor to accurately determine the weather

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Russian scientists have developed a sensor to accurately determine the weather

Experts from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Central Aerological Observatory have developed a sensor for determining the weather based on the height of the cloud top. This is a new effect that is still under study and has not been applied before.

The researchers found that the amount of dispersion of a standard optical sensor with a conventional photodiode changes as soon as the equipment on which the sensor is mounted crosses the top of the clouds. This is partly due to the optical properties of clouds. For amplification, infrared emitters were installed on the sensor, which made it possible to carry out experiments both at night and during the day. The sensor is planned to be installed on standard radio probes.

It is noted that this is an important step in improving the quality of meteorological research, in addition, the radiation balance depends on cloudiness. It was also noted that such a solution can replace expensive optical systems.

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