Russian scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics

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Russian scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics

Russian scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics

For the first time in 20 years, Russian scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics, the results of the work were published in the scientific journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition .

Researchers have discovered a new family of natural antibiotics produced by the soil bacteria streptomycetes. Experts have identified two main components of the drug – hausemycins A and B. They have activity against gram-positive bacteria.

Using the method of NMR spectroscopy, scientists have found out the chemical and spatial structure of gauzemycins, and also studied the genes that are responsible for their biosynthesis. The study showed that hausemycins act on the bacterial membrane, but it has not yet been possible to determine the exact target of the new antibiotics in the membrane.

The release of antibiotics in the 1940s and 1960s made it possible to treat deadly diseases. Since then, the discovery of new compounds has slowed, and increasing microbial resistance to antibiotics requires the regular introduction of new drugs. The last natural antibiotic to be introduced into practice was the lipopeptide daptomycin, and it was approved for use in 2003.

Earlier, MIR 24 reported that when they find any ailments in themselves, many people make a “diagnosis” and take medications without visiting a specialist. General practitioner of the European Medical Center Mohamed Ali Vuada said that some drugs are incompatible when taken simultaneously, they can block or enhance the effect of each other.

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