Russian ship finds a ship graveyard in the Barents Sea

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Russian ship finds a ship graveyard in the Barents Sea

The hydrographic vessel of the Northern Fleet “Romuald Muklevich” discovered five Soviet and British ships during the Great Patriotic War at the bottom of the Barents Sea.

These five ships include the patrol ship Tuman, which faced three German destroyers in August 1941, presumably the minesweeper RT-67, patrol ship Passat, corvette Bluebell and the British Navy destroyer Matabele.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta notes that the Tuman patrol ship was made from a trawler. For this, two 45-mm cannons, a pair of machine guns and 18 small depth charges were installed on the ship. He lost an unequal battle. Fog received 11 direct hits with 127-mm shells.

It is reported that the North Sea residents acted as part of the “Remember the War” campaign. They performed more than one and a half thousand kilometers of instrumental survey of the bottom relief.

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