Russian sniper killed the last resident: a terrible video from the destroyed Novoselovsky


Russian sniper kills last resident: creepy video from destroyed Novoselovsky

< p _ngcontent-sc156="" class="news-annotation">After Russian infidels, only scorched earth remains. An example of this is the village of Novoselivka in the Svatovsky district of the Luhansk region, destroyed by the invaders.

There are no people left in the village at all, it is actually dead. Serhiy Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk police department, announced this.

The last resident was killed by a Russian sniper

Gaidai stated that in January, a Russian sniper shot dead the last resident of Novoselovsky . Not a single building survived in the settlement, everything was destroyed by enemy shells.

A complete conflagration … This is how the “Russian world” looks like, the head of the OVA wrote.

Then he showed footage of the settlement, which shows that Novoselovskoe was completely destroyed by the occupiers.

the occupiers are preparing an offensive in the Luhansk region

Gaidai also told that the number of attacks has increased in the Luhansk region. However, he noted that this was not a full-scale offensive, but preparation for it.

The Russians are looking for weaknesses, the enemies have already dragged a lot of equipment and tens of thousands of soldiers to the front line. According to the head of the OVA, the Russians in the Luhansk region can attack from three directions: Belogorivka, Kremennaya and Svatovo.

By the way, the military also said that since February, Russian troops have stepped up offensive operations west of Kremennaya.

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