Russian-speaking hackers stole blueprints of Apple's latest devices and demanded $ 50 million

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Russian-speaking hackers stole blueprints of Apple's latest devices and demanded $ 50 million

A group of hackers REvil reported a successful attack on the network of Apple's supplier, the Taiwanese company Quanta Computer. Cybercriminals claimed that they managed to steal blueprints of the corporation's latest products. The extortionists demanded $ 50 million for them.

The hackers spoke about the hacking on the Darknet, while the message was published in Russian, Bloomberg reported, citing a post on the channel where the group is recruiting new partners.

The authors of the appeal attached to it several images, including 15 drawings, which, apparently, represent the characteristics of Apple's new laptop (MacBook). The ransom must be paid by May 1, during this period, the hackers promised to publish new files daily.

In a chat on their darknet page, the hackers said they had stolen and encrypted “all the data on the local network,” demanding $ 50 million for the decryption key. Later, the discussion of the deal could have turned into an e-mail correspondence.

REvil officials said they were looking forward to Apple's April 20 presentation to make sure there were no new MacBook products on display. They added that they contacted Quanta Computer, but the company was not interested in paying to recover the stolen information.

Images posted by members of the group at the time of the close of Apple's presentation show the serial numbers of individual components, as well as their sizes and capacities. One of the schemes was signed by Apple designer John Andredis and dated March 9, 2021.

Quanta Computer itself admitted the fact of the attack “on a small number of servers”, without specifying whether something was stolen after that. The company added that it has already contacted law enforcement agencies and consulted with IT experts. However, Quanta did not confirm the “material impact” on the business. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

There may be more victims of a hacker attack. REvil recalled that Quanta Computer also cooperates with companies such as Dell, Amazon, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Sharp, Sony. The ransomware said they are negotiating to buy out “a large amount of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data from several major brands.”

In March 2021, a similar situation occurred with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer. Then the REvil group demanded from them the same $ 50 million for the stolen financial tables and bank data. The company did not confirm the fact of the hacker attack, but did not deny it either.

On April 20, Apple held a presentation of its new developments. The company introduced, in particular, a new generation of iMac, iPad Pro tablets, as well as Air Tags for tracking the location of items through the application.

Photo: Pixabay, Pixabay License

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