Russian special services activated in Eastern Europe, – intelligence


Russian special services activated in the countries of Eastern Europe, – intelligence

Russians want to know what and how many weapons Ukraine is provided by partners/Collage Channel 24

Intelligence data suggests that the Russian special services are not sitting idle. In the countries of Eastern Europe, for example, they have stepped up their activities.

This is evidenced by the data of the Main Intelligence Directorate. The department told what it was connected with.

What Russian intelligence is interested in

Unfortunately, there were also questions related to Ukraine . Intelligence of the aggressor country is primarily interested in the weapons that international partners provide to our state.More precisely, the task of the agents is to track the routes along which we receive military assistance.

The enemy wants to know not only the schemes for delivering weapons to Ukraine, but also their quantity. They are already actively working for this Russian military attaches in the European Union. Their task is to recruit police officers, as well as those who may have at least something to do with the transportation of weapons to our state. The instruction itself from the Kremlin came through closed communication channels.

But that's not all. The invaders are also operating in the regions bordering Ukraine. There, representatives of the Russian special services seek to involve residents of local communities in cooperation. They also do not disdain the use of activists with frank pro-Russian views.

Since this information has become public, we can once again congratulate the occupiers with failure. Europeans instead of cooperating with the Russian special services, immediately turn to law enforcement or security agencies.

Ukraine gets even more powerful weapons

But if we have already started talking about weapons for Ukraine, then we will share some fresh news. So, on July 15, it became known that the first M270 MLRS arrived in Ukraine. Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov spoke about this.

The corresponding installations are capable of firing 12 rounds per minute. And their shells fall at a distance of up to 120 km. As for the area that can be covered by fire from this MLRS, we are talking about 25 hectares. And in order for the machine to be ready for battle, it takes only 20 seconds and three people.

And the United States is also planning to provide us with modern NASAMS air defense systems soon. Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer for the Information Resistance group, spoke about the advantages of just such complexes. According to him, they are maximally integrated into Ukrainian air defense. Moreover, they will allow replacing those that our state uses now. They, the expert emphasizes, are technically and technologically obsolete.

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