Russian trawler capsized in Norway while launching

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Russian trawler capsized in Norway while launching

The Russian trawler Melkart capsized while launching in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes. The incident occurred on the evening of March 24, when the ship was launched, NRK reports.

It is specified that the 53-meter “Melkart” was being repaired at the Kimek shipyard, and soon it was supposed to return to work. When launching, the trawler fell on its side and capsized. At that moment, there were eight people on board, none of them was injured.

Local authorities do not yet have data on the pollution of the water area, but the TV channel's journalists found out that floating debris was recorded at the scene.

On the eve it was reported that the giant ship ran aground, which led to a collapse in the Suez Canal – the most important trade route, along which, among other things, cargo with oil and gas is transported. The congestion that formed after the container ship Ever Given ran aground has caused at least a hundred vessels to “stall”. Bloomberg noted that this happened “by accident”, due to the fact that the ship deviated from the course.

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